LBG Advisors Employee Benefits Services

LBG Advisors, LLC specializes in assisting employers in developing, implementing and monitoring employee benefit plans. We are active in the Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Nevada markets.

Solutions: our suggestions are unique to the market drawing upon our knowledge and experience of the insurance industry.  These solutions are implemented with the power of our national Benefits Partners relationship, bringing all the enhanced services today's employers require. 

Client Focus: We understand that we must develop a strong relationship and trust with our clients to achieve long term success. Ultimately, in order to guide clients correctly, our relationship must be free from conflict of interest, and incorporate an understanding of our client's situation, goals, and objectives.               

Blair Panzer 425-778-2800 x307
Matt Christensen 425-778-2800 x.309
Scott Carson 360-430-1183
Jason Jakobsen 425-778-2800 x306

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